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Jimmy Snuka Arm Workout

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What was Jimmy Snuka's arm training routine?

jimmy snuka workout

James Wiley Heron (Snuka) was born on May 18th 1943 on the island of Fiji. After finishing school, he started bodybuilding and competed as a professional bodybuilder after 1960, winning Mr. North Shore, Mr. Hawaii and Mr. Waikiki. But in those days there was no money in bodybuilding so he tried wrestling.

From 1970 all the way through to 2010 Snuka wrestled for many wrestling promotions. He is probably best known for appearances in World Wrestling Federation (WWF) which is now the WWE. He was credited for introducing a high-flying type of wrestling into the WWF.

Snuka was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the WWF in 1996 after beating his first WrestleMania opponent called The Undertaker. Snuka was also the inaugural ECW Champion in the heavyweight division, which is a title he won a second time two years later.

During the 1980ís Jimmy Snuka developed a growing fan-base that was spurred on by his Superfly Splash technique of diving from the top of a 5-meter-high steel cage onto his opponent. It got him the nickname of Superfly. Both of his children went on to become wrestlers competing under the names of Jimmy Reiher, Jr. and his daughter Tamina Snuka.

Jimmy Snuka has left a legacy in professional wrestling that will last a long time because of his children who are both currently contracted with the WWE. Among his many titles that Snuka won, his most recognized were winning the National Wrestling Alliance championships, Extreme Championship Wrestling, two NWA ECW Championships and the ECW Television Championship.

Before Jimmy Snuka wrested he was a bodybuilder and won the titles of Mr. Hawaii, Mr. Waikiki and Mr. North Shore. At his biggest he had a 54-inch chest with impressive 21 inch arms.

Jimmy Snuka is from the old school of bodybuilding where the goal was to get as strong as possible in the basic movements such as squats, bench press, rows, curls, etc. In fact he claims a record bench press of 525 pounds which no doubt was a major factor in the size of his triceps, and he for sure curled some heavy weight to build his biceps as huge as they became.

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