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Joe Bucci Arm Workout Routine

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build huge arms
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What was Joe Bucci's arm training routine?

joe bucci workout routine

Joe Bucci is a bodybuilder and professional actor who has won many bodybuilding titles such as Mr. Pennsylvania, Mr. USA and Mr. World. He was well known for having huge 21 inch arms, while keeping a small waist, he had none of the bloated stomach look that almost all top bodybuilders have today.

Joe Bucci used what he called "The Piston Power Training System" which involves working up to maximum weights in each exercise and increasing the speed of movement, while keeping in the grove and still using perfect form.

He and his training partner would envision a high power race car engine piston going up and down, up and down when they were pumping out maximum reps on each set.

They would start with a lighter weight for about 20 or 30 reps, then added weight each set getting as many reps at they could, working up to a super heavy 5 to 8 rep set.

A typical arm workout would be...

For biceps:

Barbell curls working up to 225 pounds
Dumbbell concentration curls working up to 90 pounds

For triceps:

Lying triceps extensions working up to 225 pounds
One arm overhead dumbbell triceps extensions working up to 90 pounds

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