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John Grimek Arm Workout

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What was John Grimek's arm training routine?

john grimek arm workout

John Grimek was from an earlier era of bodybuilding, finishing his career at the Big Arm era just began. He was a pioneer in many ways. He was both a strong man and a bodybuilder, working hard on both areas.

Grimek did a wide range of training that included many exercises that have disappeared from the world of weightlifting. He did build a pair of impressive arms, even though he was rumored to have hated curl exercises. However, he was very strong when it came to curling. Before a Mr. Universe contest he pumped out some curls with 190 pounds a feat that few today can accomplish.

Grimek was also known to have used a curl and press movement with dumbbells, an exercise that worked the biceps, shoulders and triceps in the process.

Grimek worked his entire body in a single session. However, if he wanted to focus on the arms and give them extra work, he would single out the arms and perform a few extra sets on the arms at the end of the workout.

Grimek was a pioneer of the pyramid as well. He would start with a weight where he could perform 15-20 repetitions, complete that set, add weight, and perform the next set at 12 repetitions, then repeat for 10, 8 and fewer repetitions as he raised the weight load each time.

In yet another area of being a pioneer of physique building, Grimek didn't always stick with the same stuff. He consistently varied the exercises and angles the exercises were performed at to task the body with a new challenge for each workout.

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