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Johnny Fuller Arm Workout

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What was Johnny Fuller's workout routine?

johnny fuller workout routine

It is unfortunate that a great bodybuilder like Johnny Fuller was never recognized for the great work he often did in the bodybuilding community. He competed successfully as a bodybuilder for over ten years and although a resident of England for his whole life he was born in the Caribbean in 1944.

During the 70's and early 80's Johnny became well-known for his rock hard muscle and plenty of vascularity that he presented at competitions. He only got his pro-card in 1980 when he won the IFBB World Amateur Championships. He competed 4 times at the Mr. Olympia always getting in the top 10 but never getting to the top 5.

Johnny had some unusual beliefs, which he put into practice in the kitchen as well as the gym. For example he strongly believed in organ meat and would only eat chicken for one day and then fish the next day and organ meats on the third day. He was extremely fit and ran at least one marathon and was also a professional boxer for a while.

His most notable contribution to bodybuilding however is not recognized as he was often seen helping out youngsters and giving unconditional advice on diet and exercise for free. His extensive training knowledge was never publicized by the bodybuilding magazines on a regular basis.

Standing at only 5'6" he presented a body weighing over 220 pounds which shows you how much muscle he had on his body. Sporting large 19 inch arms he got the nickname Rhino Skin and was without a doubt one of the top ten bodybuilders in the early 1980's.

Johnny believed strongly is training with giant sets always pushing himself a bit farther than he did the time before. He would train his biceps and his triceps on the same day doing giant sets without rest. In his own words he would only increase the weight once the giant set was completed with absolutely no rest between movements. It is said he would do up to 70 sets for each muscle group, doing evey high reps - 30 reps or more for each set.

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