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Ken Waller Arm Workout

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What was Ken Waller's arm training routine?

ken waller arm workout

Ken Waller was born in Jefferson Indiana USA on March 20, 1942 and after graduating from Western Kentucky University he went into the USA Marine Corps where he served for three years. After that he became a teacher at a high school in Louisville, KY.

But Ken Waller certainly left his mark on bodybuilding not only because he won the coveted Mr. Universe title but he also will be remembered as the only bodybuilder with red hair and freckles.

Ken was one of the bodybuilders in that famous movie that Arnold made called Pumping Iron but he also won that Mr. Universe contest which was held in South Africa in 1975. Ken had been competing as a bodybuilder since 1968 so he knew what he was doing by the time he won that contest.

Ken was one of the old school bodybuilders who used the same training tactics that were used by many of the bodybuilders at the time. Training hard and heavy he managed to put on over 230 pounds of quality muscle on his 6 foot frame.

Ken always managed to show a very well balanced physique with good symmetry. His arms which measured 19 inches in the off-season was something that he trained twice a week using 12 sets of 8 to 12 reps each.

Waller's favorite arm exercises included: barbell curls, standing dumbbell curls, concentration curls, tricep push downs, reverse dips and tricep kickbacks.

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