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Lance Dreher Arm Workout

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What was Lance Dreher's arm training routine?

lance dreher arm workout

Lance Dreher certainly made his mark on the bodybuilding world after winning Mr. Universe more than once. Lance was born in Chicago Illinois on 27th June 1955 and went on to become one of the top 5 competitors in his chosen sport. Showing the biggest set of arms that bodybuilding had ever seen on stage.

With massive 23.5 inch arms he became the inspiration for tens of thousands of bodybuilders across the world. Lance was more than just a bodybuilder and after getting his pro-card he won the 1981 and the 1986 Mr. Universe both in the heavyweight class he attained his PhD in Physical Therapy.

Competing as a bodybuilder for nearly 20 years he made a huge impact on the bodybuilding world and the health and fitness boom that started in the early 1980's. His legendary arm training that has been documented in many different articles published in magazines like Iron Man and Muscle Mag has made a difference to many bodybuilders over the years.

Probably the most lasting contribution that lance has made to bodybuilding is the development of the brachialis muscle on the forearm to help improve the strength that you get for training biceps and triceps. His gigantic arms came from a deliberate type of hard training.

This training was mainly heavy and hard going down to as low as 4 reps with maximum weight. Most of his arm training would however be sets with 6 reps or more however as he would be very selective when and how often he would train to the point of failure and beyond. For biceps he did incline dumbbell curls, concentration curls and Nautilus curls.

His training advice about the selective use of hammer curls when training biceps continues to make a huge difference to many bodybuilders since he stopped competing in 1992. Although he did not place in the top 10 at the few Mr. Olympia shows that he entered he can certainly be considered one of the top ten bodybuilders in the 1980's.

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