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Larry Scott Arm Workout

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Larry Scott's favorite arm routine

larry scott arm workout

Larry Scott was the first Mr. Olympia and he took the title twice in a row. Larry was also the first bodybuilder to raise the arm development to an extremely high level. Larry has managed to keep his tremendous physique in top quality shape decade after decade.

Larry developed the most incredibly complete arm to come along and the shape of his arms still amazes. He had round, huge biceps sitting on equally impressive and large triceps. At a height of 5’ 8 inches, he took his arms to over 20 inches.

Leroy made arm training a priority. Instead of tucking it into the middle of a workout, he would focus his energy on his arms. Leroy believed in working the arms rapidly. No slow motion reps for him. He performed his curls with a speed that keep the muscle in control but also moved the weight up fast.

Larry's arms and arm training techniques were so fantastic that the Scott curl was named after him. Vince had Larry use the preacher bench so much that the preacher style biceps workout is now linked with Larry. Much of his arm training centered on the preacher bench style work. Larry camped out on the preacher bench and pounded out the sets, with super results.

Larry Scott had complete arms. Not only did he have biceps with a huge, full peak, rounded as well as high, but he also had incredible triceps. He may have built the most complete arm of all time, a superb match of the triceps and biceps. And to do that, he put in strong triceps workouts as well as wild biceps routines.

It is essential to hit the triceps as hard or even harder than the biceps. Larry worked both muscle groups hard and intense and created incredible results.

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