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Lee Labrada Arm Workout

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What was Lee Labrada's arm training routine?

lee labrada arm workout

Lee Labrada still looks good at age 55 and is a perfect demonstration of someone who has made a successful business out of his sport. Lee was born in Cuba, Havana in 1960 but grew up in Houston where he first got addicted to bodybuilding at high school.

Standing only 5 foot 6 inches tall and competing at around 180 pounds he has beaten the best and biggest bodybuilders in the world. Between 1982 and 1995 he won 22 professional bodybuilding titles. Lee knows better than anyone else how difficult it is to compete at this level when you are so short.

Placing in the top 5 Mr. Olympia titles a total of seven consecutive years he got so close. His very successful supplement company has also seen him affect countless lives offering free articles online and guidance. For example he has a very specific way of how one should train arms in order to ensure continued growth.

At 5'6" his balance, depth and proportion in his physique is astounding making his 17 inch arms look like they are 25 inches. He explains that the only way to grow your arm size is with strict movement and unlike many other bodybuilders he does not train biceps and triceps in the same workout.

His training program that he has been doing for years is two days training with one day rest and then another day of training followed by another day of rest. He would train chest, shoulders and triceps on Monday then back and biceps with abs on Tuesday with Wednesday as his rest day.

He is then back in the gym on Thursday training quads, hamstrings and calves and would rest again on Friday. In his arm training on the Saturday workout he explains the importance of training the triceps to improve the size of your arms and not get stuck doing set after set of biceps.

Lee explains the importance of correct form and training each set to what he calls positive failure, which means that with correct form you select a weight where you simply cannot do another rep without assistance. Stressing the importance of correct form, which he says, is more important when training triceps.

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