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Leroy Colbert Arm Workout

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What was Leroy Colbert's arm routine?

leroy colbert arm workout

Leroy Colbert was the first bodybuilder to take his arms to 21 inches of massive muscle. What is mind-blowing about Leroy is that he did it naturally. He built those 21 inch guns without relying on drugs. That in itself makes him the top guy to listen to for insight on how to build massive arm muscles. Yes, other guys came along to get 21 inches, and more, but many of them relied on "juice" to do so. Leroy did it without the drugs and proved it is possible to get there naturally.

Leroy made arm training a priority. Instead of tucking it into the middle of a workout, he would focus his energy on his arms. Leroy believed in working the arms rapidly. No slow motion reps for him. He performed his curls with a speed that keep the muscle in control but also moved the weight up fast.

His biceps training centered primarily on concentration curls and seated alternate dumbbell curls.

Leroy built his triceps with a combination of lying French curls, bent arm pullovers, pushdowns and bench dips.

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