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Lou Ferrigno Arm Workout

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What was Lou Ferrigno's arm training routine?

lou ferrigno arm workout

Lou Ferrigno had instant recognition in the bodybuilding world due to his massiveness, being the first giant bodybuilder to step onto the stage. He took his fame a step further when he landed the role for the "Incredible Hulk" television show, and was able to parlay that success into an entertainment career. Lou also did various other movies. Although best known for as the Incredible Hulk, he appeared in even better shape in the movie "Hercules" where his tremendous arm size stood out noticeably.

Lou was able to strike a good balance in his arm development, creating a finished product of arms in the 23 inch range.

His favorite biceps exercises included standing barbell curls, incline dumbbell curls, preacher curls and concentration curls.

His favorite triceps exercises included the pushdowns, lying extensions and the standing french press.

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