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Michael Clarke Duncan Arm Workout

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What was Michael Clarke Duncan's arm training routine?

michael clarke duncan arm workout

Michael Clarke Duncan was born in Chicago Illinois on December 10 and shot to fame with his big break, which was in Green Mile in 1999. He grew up in a single-parent household with his sister and quit University so that he could support his sick mother when he was 21 years old.

Because of his 6'5" muscle bound frame he got lots of work working as a bouncer and has had clients as a bodyguard from Jamie Fox to Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. But he turned into an accomplished actor showing his acting talent in other movies after the Green Mile success.

He was nominated for an academy award for the best performance by an actor in a supporting role in Green Mile. It was movies like The Rock, Daredevils, Sin City and many others where he showed his talent as an actor as well. He also acted in many TV series episodes.

Michael spoke openly about how his life changed when he stopped eating meat. He also promoted vegetarian cooking by insisting on only vegetarian food when on set. His movies and his public endorsements for vegetarian eating and the vegetarian way of life where often seen on TV.

Michael was very out-spoken about the benefits of eating a vegetarian diet which he said was the best way to stay healthy. Ironically he died of a heart attack in hospital on September 3, 2012. His girlfriend at the time of his death was the reality TV personality Omarosa Manigault who was responsible for the CPR that got him to hospital.

Michael looked like he pumped iron because he did. He trained those huge 21 inch arms on a regular basis whether he was making a movie with his arms showing or not. He did not train as a normal bodybuilder however and would only work the big three compound moves squats, bench press and deadlists with barbell curls & close-grip bench-press for arm size.

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