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Mike Matarazzo Arm Workout

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build huge arms
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What was Mike Matarazzo's arm training routine?

mike matarazzo arm workout

Mike Matarazzo was born in Boston, MA USA on November 8 1965 and during his school years trained as a boxer but after his schooling years he swapped his gloves for posing trunks as he started training for bodybuilding. Standing at 5'10" tall he started to see a big difference as his body responded to heavy weight training.

Mike was one of those of those genetically gifted bodybuilders who had perfect lines with massive 21 inch peaked biceps with incredible 20 inch calves that were the envy of every bodybuilder in the world for many years.

His title winning professional bodybuilding career lasted from 1991 where he won the NPC national championships winning the heavyweight division and became a featured draw-card for many of the classic bodybuilding competitions. His huge fan base was growing fast as he was runner-up in the Mr. Olympia 1991.

Mike actually competed in the Mr. Olympia seven times but could never win the most converted title in bodybuilding always coming so close. He had all the making of a true champion with 21 inch arms and massive 20 inch calves which only motivated his large fan-base across the world.

Like many of the top professional bodybuilders with over 20 inch arms Mike trained his huge arms twice a week. It needs to be added here that his biceps routine listed below is only possible if you have developed a resistance to this kind of intensity twice a week.

Preacher curls with a Cambered-bar 4 X 10-12 Seated alternate D/B curls 4 X 10-12 Concentration curls 4 X 10-12 Sideways one-arm D/B preacher curls 4 10-12 Preacher curls with a reverse cambered-bar 4 X 10-12

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