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Mike Mentzer Arm Workout

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What was Mike Mentzer's arm training routine?

mike mentzer arm workout

Mike had a very balanced physique and certainly did not put his arm development ahead of his full body approach. However, Mike's arm training did turn out a pair of very impressive arms for both himself, and his brother Ray, who used similar techniques. And Mike's arm training approach was unique as he brought the HIT principles into play on the arms.

Mentzer's Arm Workout Tips

Work the arms no more than twice a week and keep your sets to under four each for both biceps and triceps.

Always work the arms at the end of the workout since they are involved in all of your torso exercises. Why limit the effectiveness of your torso exercises by fatiguing the arms?

Contraction control is important in all your exercises. Do all of your arm exercises in a slow and deliberate manner, to ensure that the muscles, not outside forces, are doing the work.

Carry every exercise to a point of positive failure at least, where you can no longer raise the weight, every workout.

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