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Muscle Confusion

Build Big Arms Workouts
build huge arms
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Muscle Confusion Arm Workouts

muscle confusion arm workouts

by VizepX

Never do the same routine in the program. Change it every week to keep the body guessing and to keep the workouts new. Choose one exercise (below) from each line per body part per week. Average 2 - 3 sets per exercise. Do 2 sets with 6 - 10 reps and 1 set with 15 - 20 reps.

Choose one exercise from each line / Change each week:

Exercise #1: Hammer dumbbell curls ( across the body ) / Incline hammer dumbbell curls
Exercise #2: Dips / Machine Dips
Exercise #3: Dumbbell curls / Barbell curls / Seated dumbbell curls
Exercise #4: Lying dumbell Extensions / Machine extensions / Cable extensions
Exercise #5: Dumbbell Preacher curls / Barbell preacher curls / Cable curls (standing or seated)
Exercise #6: Rope triceps pushdowns / Straight bar triceps pushdowns
Exercise #7: Dumbbell concentration curls / One handed cable curls / Lying bench curls
Exercise #8: One arm seated dumbbell extensions / One arm cable extensions / Tricep kick backs

Always use controlled full range of motion on all weight training exercises.
Always control the weight, do not let the weight control you.
Try to get into the muscle you are training and feel the muscle you are working.
Go as heavy as you can without jeopardizing your form.
Nutrition is 60% - 80% of your success.
Do cardio work for good health and to help burn unwanted fat.
Be consistent with eating, sleeping, training, and supplementation.
Be patient, stay focused and positive.
Always train to failure (unless mentioned otherwise).
Use a spotter when training with free weights, especially squats and bench press.
Set goals, be realistic. Once you reach your goals set new ones.
Stay strong and flex hard!

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