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Negative Rep Arm Workout

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How to use negative reps for biceps

negative rep arm workout

We all know that if we want to gain muscle we need to get stronger and without a doubt one of the fastest way to increase strength is to do negative reps in your workout. This technique was started by bodybuilders well over 50 years ago and over time has been more and more specialized.

There is a correct way to do negative reps and an incorrect way, which we will go over briefly here. The loading and weight selection are vital, as each negative rep should last longer than the negative phase of a regular movement.

Obviously it will depend on the specific movement that you are doing and the range of motion you are getting but generally the proper method and loading for performing a negative rep should be between 6 and 8 seconds. The experts agree that the initial load that is used for a negative rep should be around 105% of your 1RM for that particular exercise.

This would mean that if your maximum is 200 pounds on the bench press then you would be doing negatives with 210 pounds. You should increase your load when you are able to do more than 6 negative reps with that kind of weight. The weight selection when doing negatives is key to your success.

The experts have mostly agreed that doing 3 sets of negative training per muscle group is more than enough if you are not taking steroids. Doing more than that will be causing too much damage to the muscle and you will not be able to repair adequately for the next workout.

It is all about gravity and the key when training negatives to the form and the speed with which you lower the weight. You need to fight the weight and when done correctly you will always be sore the next day from a good three sets of negatives.

Very briefly there are three different ways that negative reps for biceps can be done.

The first ways is to have your training partner lift the weight up to the top position in the barbell curl, and then you lower the weight very slowly and under control. This is a great way to help you break through a training plateau.

The second way is called the two up/one down system, which can be used with machines. You would use both hands to lift the weight and only one hand to lower the weight.

The last form of negative rep training is the simplest, you use a chair or a bench to get you started at the top of the palms up chin up. You would then lower yourself slowly down for 6 to 8 seconds and then start again.

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