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Old School Exercises

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Old School Bodybuilding Exercises

old school bodybuilding exercises

50 years ago the results that we saw on stage from the top bodybuilders also from movements that many bodybuilders have forgotten and just don't do any more.

The following old school bodybuilding exercises are something that most of the great bodybuilders from the golden era did on a regular basis. We will be briefly going through these movements that you could add into your workouts to see for yourself if they work as well as they were supposed to work in the good old days of bodybuilding.

Larry Scott Doing Spider Curls

Arnold Press

The first movement is the good old Arnold Press for deltoids that uses dumbbells in a seated or a standing position. Starting the movement with your palms facing each other and at the end of the press your palms are facing forward once you complete the press. If you do this movement standing make sure that your knees are slightly bent.

Pinch-grip Deadlift

This movement was first developed by Steve Reeves well over 50 years ago to specifically isolate the legs, back and grip strength. It is said that Steve could do this movement with over 300 pounds which says a lot for the strength grip that he must have had. The movement is done like a normal deadlift but instead of holding the barbell you are holding the plates by pinching the plates and lifting the weight using only your fingers.

Curl and Press

The curl and press movement for chest and biceps was originally done by the famous Dave Draper who used this movement with meticulous care in his form when doing this movement. Start with a bench angled at about 45 degrees and then lower the dumbbells below the bench while lying down and facing upwards for the curling movement on the biceps. After that movement is done you start immediately with a normal incline D/B pressing movement.

Spider Curl

The spider curl was originally developed by Larry Scott who used this movement to help him develop a peak on his biceps with an increase in the isolation that is achieved. The movement is done using a vertical preacher bench to do the movement. Larry explains that the reason it is called a spider curl is because they used to do it on a preacher bench designed by Vince Gironda which had 8 legs on it.

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