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Old School Bodybuilding Secrets

old school bodybuilding secrets

It is sad to see that when most modern day bodybuilders get together they wind up talking about steroids or the latest growth hormone like insulin or the latest synthol product on the market. But in the good old days when bodybuilding was still an unknown sport most of these competitive bodybuilders would talk about the new training techniques or a new high protein diet.

The old school bodybuilding secrets seem to have been long forgotten as can be seen by the top bodybuilders that we see today with huge stomachs and small arms compared to their counterparts who competed over 50 years ago. It is simple truths that seem to have been forgotten and left in the mist of correct training methods.

There are many examples but probably the most obvious one is the fact that none of the bodybuilders like Sergio Oliva, Arnold and Lou Ferrigno who all had arms over 22 inches ever trained their arms only once a week. It is something that can easily be seen on stage these days.

If you would have told Arnold in those days that you were training your arms once a week and expected them to increase in size he would tell you that you simply do not know what you are doing. But today with all the new and fancy workout regimes we seem to think that training a body-part once a week is good enough.

This is just one of the many forgotten secrets of the old school bodybuilding that we seem to have lost along the way. Often a modern day bodybuilder gets so mixed up with his/her drug and supplement combination that they get confused between hard training and sensible training.

A good example is the issue of resting correctly so that one does not over-train and wind up losing strength as well as hard-earned muscle in the process. In the old days professional bodybuilders would train for hours at a time but they would always make sure that they get plenty of water and plenty of good quality rest before the next long training session.

The same can be said for leg and calf training which seem to be something that many bodybuilders mistakenly believe that they can increase in size and strength by only training once a week. This is not something that gets mentioned when one body-part a day is trained on a regular basis these days.

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