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Old School Bodybuilding Techniques

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Old School Workouts

old school bodybuilding techniques

Today the old style of gaining muscle seems to have lost in the shuffle. It is sad that these basic principles of doing heavy compound sets and reps have been discarded.

One of the best techniques was dubbed the "squats and milk" method because you are concentrating on increasing the weight that you squat. You do not need to go down to low reps in order to see results and sticking to sets of 12 reps has proven itself to work very effectively.

The squat increases everything in your body, it speeds up your metabolism and creates the "after-burn" effect so that you continue to burn calories at an accelerated rate for up to 72 hours after your high intensity squat workout. If you are drinking a lot of milk as well you will definitely gain muscle fast.

Old school bodybuilding goes back to the very basics of progressive resistance which is what gaining muscle is all about. The three basic compound exercises for your whole body are squats, deadlift and bench-press and using those movements alone you can gain all the muscle that you need.

The old school method of "squats and milk" insisted on drinking a LOT of milk and this was before science discovered the advantages of whey protein and mixing up your protein shake pre and post workout with whey protein isolate as well as milk. The old school bodybuilding method of squats and milk insisted on taking in about a gallon of milk a day, which sounds a bit excessive. But if you have the genetics of a fast metabolism and you are concerned with picking up any muscle then drinking this amount of fresh whole milk is required.

You should go all the way up to 20 and even 25 reps when doing squats as this will be developing the foundation of developing your core strength, which is so vital when trying increase, the amount of muscle that you carry. A strong muscle is a big muscle and the stronger you get the bigger your muscles will get.

The experts agree that squatting with 20 reps using 150% of your body-weight is the minimum requirement for gaining muscle. If you do anything less than that will be holding your potential to gain muscle at bay for as long as you continue to train with anything less than your ideal "weight range".

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