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Overtraining Arms

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Am I Overtraining My Arms?

am i overtraining my arms

The concern for overtraining is something that should always be at the back of the mind of any bodybuilder. Although there is a very good chance that you are not overtraining it is something that always needs attention.

With the discovery of HIT training bodybuilders have learned the hard way that less is more when it comes to adding muscle. The days of spending 4 hours at the gym are over because it is not how many sets and reps that you do but the intensity that you are able to achieve when training.

There are two different kinds of over training that you can reach when you are training 4 days a week or more. There is s shorter or less severe form of overtraining that is referred to by the experts as overreaching. Overreaching is something that can be fixed with a few days rest however any severe overtraining that you may be suffering from can actually take weeks, or several months of recovery.

Overtraining Arms Symptoms

There are many different symptoms that you will be able to recognize when you are over training and it is a good idea to always be aware of the potential to over train. These symptoms would include things like persistent muscle soreness or persistent fatigue, elevated resting heart rate and reduced heart rate variability, increased susceptibility to infections, increased incidence of injuries or general irritability as well as depression.

Although the brief list of overtraining symptoms listed above is a good start to monitor yourself and your progress there are also many other additions that can be included to this list like dehydration or just a general lack of motivation. Reaching a plateau in your training and no longer seeing results is also a good sign that you are overtraining.

If you're getting sick more often is also a clue that you are overtraining which is often caused by a combination of poor diet, lack of good quality sleep as well as too much stress that you are dealing with generally in your day. As mentioned above it is easy to overlook these symptoms and is something that you should always keep in the back of your mind.

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