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Perfect Arm Workout

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build huge arms
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Building the Perfect Arms

perfect arm workout

by Jim (Gym Guy, 17" arms)

I used to try to curl as much weight as I could with fewer reps. That's what was supposed to build size.

It's always been hard for me to gain. If I stop working out, I lose weight, fast.

I watched a guy with the most perfect arms workout a few times. I never told him I was making mental notes until about two months afterward. I started doing what he did, and almost immediately noticed more cut and an increase in size.

He would sit on a seated curl bench, which is just a flat bench bent at a right angle in the center to form a chair. He would use only 20-pound dumbbells. He would do 12 reps with each arm, slowly, pausing at the flex, and return, alternating arms. For the first set, the palm would be facing the mirror, always, without allowing it to turn.

The next set would be hammers. Same number of reps - 12. Then he would alternate the straight curl with the hammer and do 4 sets of each. That is 96 reps with each arm. That's a killer with 20 pounds, If you do it slowly and correctly. He would then curl 60 pounds with a curl bar, 4 sets of 12.

Now, this guy is built and probably weighs 210 pounds. I'm 175 pounds. So, I figure it's harder for me. But, man, his arms look great. I've changed it a little. I still do all those seated ones, but I do three sets of 10 with 60 on the curl bar, standing with my back against a post to make sure I don't start swaying and slinging the bar. Then, I go to a preacher bench, the type with the lever that allows you to add free weights instead of stack weights. I'll start with a 45 and a 25 on the rack, do that for 12 reps, add 25, do that for 10, take off the 25s (psychological--to see more big weights) then add a second 45 and a 25. I'll do that until shutdown. (Side advantage: If you keep your torso straight and flexed so as not to sway, it works your abs).

It's time consuming and it may seem that I may be overtraining, but my arms are looking better and the veins are showing more. I've always wanted those veins on the bicep like Arnold has. Those are the icing on the cake.

Oh, yeah, some of the guys in the gym have been giving me the subtle look lately, and one told me last night I was beefing up.

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