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Pre Exhaust Arm Routine

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pre exhaust workout for biceps and triceps

pre exhaust arm routine

The pre-exhaust method was one of the most popular techniques with old school bodybuilders. It was first developed by the late Robert Kennedy of MuscleMag International fame. When everyone at the time was first doing a basic movement before doing an isolation exercise, Kennedy decided to see what would have if he did dumbbell lateral raises first and then barbell presses. He found that his shoulders were very sore the next day and really started to grow from this new technique. So he next tried it will all his other body parts with the same great results.

The simplicity of training is to do a single joint isolation exercise (such as leg extentions) and then with no rest do a multiple joint compound exercise (such as squats or leg press), this works the deep muscle fibers and gives amazing pumps.

Ok, let's use pre exhaust to big massive arms...

First do a super strict set of barbell curls to failure and then with no rest run to the lat machine and do a set of close grip palms up pulldowns to failure. Rest and repeat 2 or at most 4 more times.

Now that your biceps are fried, it's time for triceps...

Do a set of triceps pushdowns with slow perfect from until you canít do another rep, immediately after do a set of parallel bar dips to complete failure. Rest and repeat for a total of no more then 5 such supersets.

Like that old commercial used to say - "try it you'll like it!".

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