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build huge arms
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Pump Your Arms & Make Them Look Jacked

You actually need to find effectual ways to force adequate blood, carbs, water and nutrients into your biceps, triceps & other muscles if you'd like to make them look bigger or simply pump them up. Just think of your muscles structured like deflated balloons. When you put more carbs, blood and water into the muscles you definitely blow them up.

So, how should you work so that you enhance the speed of nutrients intake by the muscles? Here are some imperative tips to help you pump your muscles to the fullest, but in the least time possible.

Drink Plenty of Water

Your biceps and triceps are made up of protein & water so it is crucial to always drink a lot of water. Drinking at least one ounce of water for every pound you weigh, each day, could help keep muscles looking big. If you weigh 200 pounds make sure you drink no less than 200 ounces of water every day. If you get dehydrated or you somehow don't manage to drink enough water, you muscles will appear flatter or smaller like deflated balloons.

Eat Enough Carbs

Some unused nutrients from the meals you eat get stored in the body, precisely in the muscles, in the form of glycogen. Though glycogen isn't as strong as water & protein, it is still a large contributor to the weight, size and volume of your muscles. It additionally attracts large amounts of water into the muscles, making them feel…..well, basically jacked.

Considered Using Creatine?

Creatine naturally works in the same way as carbs do. They give your muscles more energy and also attract more water into the muscles. The energy you get from the nutrients can help you do more reps & sets and lift heavier weights to help build both biceps & triceps faster. Taking two to three grams of creatine each day will certainly give you a magical muscles growth.

Lose Stored Body Fat

This method will actually work for people with over 15% body fat percentage, and have for long been working out to build muscles or gain weight. The method is effective and burns the fats that hide your jacked muscles.

Join Weight Lift Programs – “Hit the Gym”

Pumping of muscles could be made easier and more effective, should the person interested invest a lot in weight lifting. However, the person must work according to a specified plan. Now, handling this aspect on your own could be challenging, which is why joining weight lift programs could help you reap best results.

Muscle growth has little to do with physical struggle. Basically, everything related to pumping muscles requires some basic knowledge in biology. Implementing the tips discussed in this post will help you get best results, and in a very short period.

About The Author

Making gains isn't just about getting bigger or being bigger than anyone else.  Gains are made in muscle building as well as any fitness activity you take part in.  Kevin Hodges is the man behind the Crazy Gain website which is focused on muscle building, exercise, fitness and health.  Staying safe, legal and clean is essentially to looking lean in his books.

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