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Ray Mentzer Arm Workout

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What was Ray Mentzer's arm training routine?

ray mentzer arm workout

Ray Mentzer who was the brother of Mike Mentzer was born in Pennsylvania on August 2, 1953. Just like his brother he strongly believed in training with a high intensity doing heavy weights with only 6 to 8 reps. He won both the AAU Mr. America and the IFBB Mr. America and year later in 1978.

Ray and his brother Mike are the only bodybuilders/brothers in history to both win a Mr. America title. Often training together they decided that the only way to gain any significant amount of muscle was to train heavy with high intensity and never more than 90 seconds rest between sets.

Ray was one of the very few bodybuilders who competed at over 250 pounds of hard earned muscle in the late 70's and early 80ís. Experts explain that he was the only bodybuilder besides Arnold and Sergio Oliva who had arms that measured over 20 inches.

Always sticking to the same basic regime of training with heavy weights to the point of failure they often selected movements that were different to what they were doing the week before. Ray explains that the body's ability to adapt to a resistance needs to be constantly put to the test.

Squatting 902 pounds for 3 reps he took this training as far as it could go often boasting about gaining 20 to 30 pounds of muscle in only 3 months if everything else is done correctly.

Ray trained arms twice a week. For biceps he liked Nautilus curls, preacher curls and concentration curls. For triceps he liked pulley pushdowns and weighted dips.

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