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Reg Park Arm Workout

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What was Reg Park's arm training routine?

reg park arm workout

Many bodybuilders have a mentor, a guide to help them get going in the sport, or simply an example that they want to follow. For many guys in the Big Arm era it was Steve Reeves but for Arnold, his example and eventual mentor was Reg Park.

Park was a powerful built physique star with equally powerful arms. He stretched the tape at 20 inches at one point, and was consistently at 19 inches. Park performed dumbbell curls with a pair of 120 weights for six repetitions! Some pictures of Reg flexing his biceps or curling show arms that can rival Arnold's.

Reg used a split training routine, focusing on individual muscle groups in his workouts.

Reg was able to build substantial triceps, and they were quite powerful as he could bench and press enormous weight loads and purportedly do so naturally.

Reg's routine consists mainly of basic exercises using heavy weights and intense concentration. He employs the straight set system, and very seldom incorporates super sets or any other methods.

Reg used a variety of different tools to work his arms, including a lot of cable work:

Triceps exercises that Reg employed include: Pulley Pushdowns, Decline Z-Bar Tricep Extensions and Standing Extensions with Floor Pulley.

Reg's biceps were equally impressive and he used a mix of barbell and dumbbell work to build them such as: Preacher Curls, One Arm Seated Dumbbell Curls and Incline Dumbbell Curls.

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