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Rest Pause Arm Workout

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Rest Pause Arm Training

rest pause arm workout

How to use rest pause training for arm muscle hypertrophy.

The rest pause system of training is certainly not a new technique and many strength athletes and competitive bodybuilders have been using this technique for years to gain muscle in their upper arms. The basic selection of sets is the only thing that is set before you start training but not the reps.

The number of reps you do is constantly changing from the previous set because you are having a short rest between sets that will depend on how many reps you can do on the next set. A good example to use is the standing barbell curls where you would do one rep and then rest for one second at the bottom.

The second set would be for 2 reps where you would be resting for 2 seconds and the third set for 3 reps and a 3 second rest etc. This would continue accumulating always adding another rep plus and additional second added to the rest.

So when you are doing ten sets like this you would be completed when you are doing 10 full range reps with a 10 second rest on your final set. This obviously makes for a very intense workout and will get you to put on muscle quickly or break through a plateau that you might have reached in your arm workouts.

It goes without saying that the weight selection when using the rest-pause technique will be around 75% of the weight that you would use if you were doing a normal set of un-fatigued set of 10 reps. This would also change according your own ability to train with a high intensity, your fitness and your genetic strength.

It is recommended that you do not do this type of high intensity every time you train as the muscle recruitment that is required needs a good 48 hours to heal completely. Many bodybuilders use this system in a cycle, which is done only every 6 or 8 weeks.

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