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Rich Gaspari Arm Workout

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What was Rich Gaspari's arm training routine?

rich gaspari arm workout

Rich Gaspari set bodybuilding up on a new standard when it came to getting ripped to threads for a competition. It is true however that Rich did not have the best genetics in the business. Standing at 5'9" with a narrow set of clavicles limiting the width of his back, something that was Lee Haney's biggest asset he really did have to work harder.

The irony is that Haney used to be his training partner and they chased the same Sandow and Olympia titles for seven years together. Although Rich could never hope to get the enormous lat spread that Haney could he was nevertheless able to show more and more detail and separation in his back each year.

Rich had an impressive set of guns with 19 inches at his best but he would never combine back with biceps or chest and triceps instead he dedicated a whole day even training twice a day only on arms. Doing triceps in the morning and biceps in the evening twice a week.

During the off-season Rich would train a 6 day split routine with three days on and one day off. 8 weeks before a competition he would be training with high intensity every day. Rich was constantly experimenting with the most effective way to gain muscle.

When training for a competition he would do sets of 12 and 10 reps only going down to 8 and 5 reps on rare occasions.

Some of Rich's favorite bicep and tricep exercises were Standing Dumbbell Curls, Seated Preacher Curls, Reverse Barbell Curls, Cable Tricep Pushdowns, Skull Crushers and Over Head Triceps Extensions.

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