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Rick Wayne Arm Workout

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What was Rick Wayne's arm training routine?

rick wayne arm workout

Rick Wayne was born in St. Lucia on 27th January 1938 as Learie Carasco. He is the only bodybuilder in history to be awarded an OBE from the Queen for his contribution to journalism in St. Lucia in 2007. Rick moved to Yorkshire with his family when he was 12 years old.

When he was 20 years old he served two years for the Royal Signals where he spent most of his time stationed near Yorkshire where he lived. He was a singer and when he signed a recording contract they decided to change his name to Rick Wayne.

He released more than one album over several years and he even had his own show on Radio Luxemburg but his music was never very successful and he decided to concentrate on bodybuilding and writing about bodybuilding.

He wrote for all the great muscle mags including Flex, Joe Weider's Muscle Builder and later Dan Lurie's Muscle Training illustrated. He wrote from a personal body-builders point of view that had competed and was widely read by many followers.

But that was long after he had established himself as a competitive bodybuilder who won the IFBB Mr. Universe in 1967. At the end of the same year he also won his division and the overall title of the Mr. World competition.

When Rick was competing he was very specific about the way that he trained his arms. He was one of the first old style bodybuilders from the 60's who believed in doing biceps and triceps on the same day. He thought quite correctly that getting that pump helps the muscle to grow.

Rick's arms were measured at 19 inches in competition shape and below is how he would train with serious intensity to get that kind of size. He strongly believed in giant sets and would do all of the following movements without stopping which would be one set. He would then rest for a minute or two and complete 6 sets.

Starting with Barbell Curls for 6 reps he would then go directly to Triceps Press downs for another 6 reps and then directly to Seated Dumbbell Curls for 6 reps followed by Seated Triceps Extension 6 reps, then Concentration Curls for 10 reps followed by Seated Dumbbell Triceps Extension for 12 reps and he would then finish with 6 reps of Close Grip Barbell Curls.

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