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Robby Robinson Arm Workout

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What was Robby Robinson's arm training routine?

robby robinson arm workout

Robby Robinson known as "The Black Prince" trademark was never being seen out of shape, and part of that year round razor sharp conditioning was a pair of super arms. His entire body was ripped and large at the same time, and the arms were especially developed.

Robby Robinson arms had a near perfect blend between the biceps and the triceps, a balance that showed no flaws. And as with Larry Scoot, he carried tremendous arm size even though he was not that tall. Robby was able to attain arms that were both ripped to the max and huge at the same time.

Robby Robinson arm training was done twice per week, hitting triceps before biceps. To keep up the high frequency, Robinson alternates his workouts between a light high rep day and heavy low rep day.

His biceps workout centered primarily on barbell curls, scott curls and zottman curls.

And Robby built his triceps with barbell extensions, close-grip triceps presses and kickbacks.

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