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Steve Michalik Arm Workout

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What was Steve Michalik's workout routine?

steve michalik workout routine

Steve Michalik had one of the most radical physiques of the Big Arm era. Steve approached his training with an "intensity or insanity" style, built a body that was super trim yet he had massive arms. Imagine a Frank Zane type of body with bigger chest, arms and legs and you have what Steve was able to accomplish.

Steve won the triple crown, Mr. USA, Mr. America and Mr. Universe titles as his arms continued to get larger while he held his midsection to an extremely small size. Although severely damaged in a car wreck, spending three years in a wheel chair, he grittily got back into training and came back to enter the professional Grand Prix series.

Steve was known for super hard-core training, and he brought that training ethic to his arm workouts, building some very imposing guns with his intensity or insanity training system. Doing as much works as possible in a concentrated period of time and making sure your muscles flex as hard as possible with whatever weight you use.

Steve's arm exercises from 1972, the year he won the triple crown of bodybuilding, are as follows:

TRICEPS - Lying Triceps Curl on Flat Bench, Seated Triceps Curl and Decline Triceps Curl.

BICEPS - Preacher Curl, Incline Curl, and Standing Curl.

Steve employed a full range of motion style in his training, taking each rep from the fully extended position to a full contraction.

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