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Steve Reeves Arm Workout

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What was Steve Reeves arm training routine?

steve reeves arm workout

Ironman magazine called him "The World's Best Built Man". His body was held up as the ultimate possible prior to chemical assistance. And he was a Hollywood star. His name was Steve Reeves and his physique stood out so much that it even caused car wrecks. That's right his body was an instant magnet for the eye. Why? Perfect proportion is one reason. Muscle without the fat. A perfect match (18 1/2 inches) of the neck, biceps, and calves, mixed in with a super trim waist (just 29 inches at a height of 6'1"), extra broad shoulders, and rugged legs. Top that off with a handsome face, and Steve Reeves was considered the best of the best naturally.

Steve Reeves built a balanced body but even so, his arm size stood out. He had a pair of very impressive upper arms, crowned with perfect peaks great guns. Steve got there by putting over 6 inches of muscle on his arms. When he started his arms were only a little over 12 inches. With determined work he added inch upon inch of muscle to each arm Steve was more concerned with the proportionate look of his physique and undoubtedly could have pushed his arms up to the 20 inch range if that was his goal.

The primary tool that Steve Reeves used to transform his biceps was the incline dumbbell curl.

For his triceps Steve also kept it fairly minimal as well. He favored the pressdown on the lat machine for his triceps workouts.

Remember he was working the whole body fairly frequently three times each and every week.

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