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Tank Tops vs. T-Shirts

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Tank Tops vs. T-Shirts: Which is Right for My Workout?

by Pitbull Clothing

Clothing is a vital aspect of any exercise routine, and people everywhere are constantly debating the merits between t-shirts and tank-tops. The final choice is up to you, but here are some considerations to keep in mind before making a final determination.

The Disadvantages of T-shirts

T-shirts are heavier and thicker, so they can lead to the generation of extra sweat. The concentration of moisture can induce extra body odor. Embarrassing stains will also appear, especially around the armpits. If the fabric is baggy, the shirt may catch on gym equipment. This can tear clothing and damage machines. Meanwhile, overly tight t-shirts can constrict movement. Overall, this kind of attire is outdated and dysfunctional.

The Merits of Tank-Tops

Fluid motions are engendered by armless tops. This kind of shirt is revolutionary for fitness aficionados. It minimizes sweat by allowing the skin to breathe. Less fabric equals less heat, so it is possible to stay cool while rigorously exercising. Guys can also don tank-tops to show off their guns to the girls. If you are getting in shape, there is no reason not to flaunt it! Girls can subscribe to this philosophy of workout appeal too!

The Third Option

There is a third choice, but it involves thinking outside the box: Is any shirt necessary at all? If you are a guy, then the answer is no! Remember, some gyms adhere to strict dress codes. Ladies may also be in violation of some legal statutes. Ultimately, this is the most comfortable option when it is allowed. Maximum mobility is enshrined, and men can show off a toned physique to the gals. As a bonus, it is a great way to acquire a classy tan!

Final Note

The world of fitness is rife with little decisions to make, but there is no reason to be self-conscious. It just so happens that the most revealing garments are also the ones with maximum utility. If your environment allows for it, then eschew the top entirely; otherwise, stick with the tank unless your preferences truly lie with the t-shirt!

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