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Terry Crews Arm Workout

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What was Terry Crews' arm training routine?

terry crews arm workout

Terry Crews was born in Flint, Michigan, U.S on 30th June 1968 and he later became a well-known actor and football player. He gained a sponsorship to study at Western Michigan University where he went on to get his Masters in Physical Therapy.

He later got a contract to play professional football for the WMU Broncos where he competed for a few years before going into the making of movies. He is probably most widely known for his role as Julius in the UPN/CW sitcom called Everybody Hates Chris.

But his role in movies like Arrested Development as well as The Newsroom got him noticed which has led to the making of many other movies, which he has done. Something that has often been reported is his training that he does to achieve that hard body that he shows on some of his movies.

A natural born athlete he trained hard and trained like a bodybuilder sporting hard 19 inch arms that were balanced in a rock hard body that came from hard and intense workouts. Going down to train with a heavy weight for 6 reps he would use both compound and isolation movements when training his arms. His favorite exercises for arm size are dumbbell curls and dips.

Although Terry never competed as a bodybuilder his knowledge of the game and the effect of eating correctly when trying to build muscle is now well documented. He strongly believes in high intensity training as the only way to effectively gain muscle on a permanent basis.

Terry believes in doing power-clean and jerk to always increase his core strength for which he also does Romanian deadlift or jump squats on a regular basis. His rest time between sets always being something that he concentrates on to increase his strength and results in muscle size.

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