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Tim Belknap Arm Workout

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What was Tim Belknap's arm training routine?

tim belknap arm workout

Tim Belknap was born in 1958 in Rockford Illinois USA and developed diabetes when he was 16 years old. He was told by his doctor when he was diagnosed that he should do some exercise which is when Tim started training.

After only a few years he decided to start competing and took the bodybuilding world by storm when he won the AAU Mr. America in 1981. But Tim was just starting and although he did not compete for more than ten years he certainly left his mark and was an inspiration for countless diabetics across the world.

Standing at only 5'4 and somehow managing to pack on 200 pounds of muscle onto that small frame with huge Tom Platz like legs he was a phenomenon that had never been seen before or since. He got his Pro-card in 1983 but never won any big IFBB competitions.

Competing in AAU, NABBA and IFBB his best results were with NABBA where he won the Mr. Universe winning the short class as well as the overall. Great things were expected from him after that but he never did well when competing at IFBB.

Tim had 18 inch arms that looked twice that size on his small frame but these arms came from lots of hard work where he trained them in a split routine twice a week. His favorite movement for his biceps was the standing cable curls.

But Tim was known for his very impressive triceps that he had which he developed by doing close-grip bench-press which he said was the best movement to isolate all three heads of the triceps. But training hard was something one could see and it was blatantly obvious when we saw Tim on stage for the first time that this man trains like a demon.

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