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Tom Platz Arm Workout

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What was Tom Platz's arm training routine?

tom platz arm workout

Thomas Steven Platz was born in Fort Sill, which is in Oklahoma on June 26, 1955 and is known as "The Golden Eagle" or "The Quadfather" because of his massive and legendary legs that were the best seen in the 80's when he competed.

After winning the amateur state championships in 1978 he went on to get his degree in nutrition and Fitness science at Wayne State University. After that he arrived in California with $50 and a dream to win the Mr. Olympia title.

Over the next ten years he became well recognized as one of the top ten professional bodybuilders in the world. Unfortunately he never actually won the Mr. Olympia title although there are many who said that he should have won in 1981 when he came in third place.

Rated by Flex readers to have the best quads and hamstrings of all time he retired from professional bodybuilding in 1987 but decided on a comeback in 1995 when he was awarded the honorary Mr. America title.

Tom never stopped studying as he competed over the years and became a full professor with a Masters degree in Fitness Science and the Director of Bodybuilding Sciences at ISSA which is what he did acting as a teaching professor for 14 years.

Tom had the best legs in the business but did not hold back his training on his arms and upper body. His arm training was done twice a week using high intensity just the same way that he built his legs. He managed to get his arms close to matching his legs before the 1981 Mr. Olympia contest by actually working his legs even harder, this proved again that leg work builds size in the whole body.

Tom can be seen on YouTube squatting 28 reps with 500 pounds on his back which is exactly the kind of intensity that he used to train his arms with.

Tom's favorite arm exercises included: barbell preacher curls, seated dumbbell curls, close grip bench press, and parallel bar dips.

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