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Tri Set Arm Workout

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The benefits of tri sets for arms

tri set arm workout

Training tri-sets is an advanced technique and should not be attempted by anyone who has been training for less than a year. The objective is to train past the point of failure, which is done by reaching the point of failure from different angles using three different movements.

A good example is when doing your biceps you would start off with doing reverse curls for the forearms/brachialis followed immediately without any rest to the second movement, which would be preacher curls. Doing anything from 8 to 12 reps you want to reach the point of failure.

The last set would be where you are getting all the gains from training using tri-sets as you would finish with normal barbell curls. It is vitally important that you always concentrate on correct form when doing this so that you are isolating the targeted muscle group only.

Obviously weight selection is again very important, as you may need to reduce the weight slightly as you do your second and third set of your tri-set routine. This comes with practice as you get to know your own strength and ability to perform when you are past the point of failure.

The objective of tri-set training is to recruit the maximum amount of muscle fibers that you can when doing this type of training. As mentioned above it is important that you have at least a years weight training experience before you try this technique.

Tri-set training is about volume training so that you are not lifting heavy weights but you are using volume of sets and reps to achieve the point of failure that gets you stronger quicker than training heavy with low reps. Training heavy with low reps also puts you more at risk for injury so tri-set training is a lot safer.

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