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Triceps Training Tips

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Triceps the secret to getting big arms

triceps training tips

When it comes to triceps, it's easy to have an out of sight, out of mind attitude. However, it's important to train these back-of-the-arm muscles to because they make up two thirds of your arm size. Here are some tips to help you increase your triceps and have huge arms.

When talking about the triceps, the first thing you need to realize it that it's not just one muscle, but a group of three heads. In fact, triceps means "three heads." These sections are:

The lateral head, running down the outside of the arm
The medial head, running deep inside and down the middle of the arm
The long head, running down the back of the arm

To get the most out of your workout and achieve maximum growth, you'll need to exercise each of the heads and in a specific order. You should train your triceps from largest head to smallest for the best results.

You should begin your triceps workout by using exercises that fully extend the long head first, as this is the biggest of the heads. Good exercises for the long head include:

Overhead extensions
French press

The medial head is the next largest, and actually gets worked out by many of the same exercises as the long head. Good exercises for the medial head are:

Reverse-grip pushdowns

lastly, you'll want to include exercises into your workout that target the lateral head. Some great exercises to consider are:

Rope extentions

Finally, consider using a reverse grip when holding onto bars, as having your thumb on the same side of the grip as your fingers helps engage the triceps, while having it on the other side of the bar will take the emphasis off the triceps by engaging the brachioradialis in the forearm. Taking your time and building your workout slowly to begin with the largest head and gradually incorporating the other heads will help you get the most bulk out of your triceps by building them from the inside out.

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