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Vin Diesel Arm Workout

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What was Vin Diesel's arm training routine?

vin diesel arm workout

Unless you been living under a rock somewhere for the last 20 years, you will know exactly who Vin Diesel is. His first appearance on the big screen started after he was doing a decade of bodybuilding using what he calls "meat-and-potatoes basic muscle-building moves".

Vin is well known for his big muscular arms and has become a household name across the world because of and the Fast and Furious series that continues to bring in the crowds whenever there is a new release.

Vin explains that his training is a vitally important part of his life, not only because of the stunts he does himself (never using a stunt-double) but also because it helps with his badass look he has developed over the last decade. He says that the physicality and stamina hard training gives him is what keeps him going.

Vin Diesel changes up his training on a regular basis so that he is able to shock his muscles to keep his training interesting. His well-developed character of Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious series needs to be hard and lean with a capacity to energize himself into action at a moment's notice. Vin explains that this only can come from a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Below is the arm workout that Vin Diesel does at least once a week.

The exercise pairs that are marked "A" and "B" he would do them as a superset. This means doing the first set of A then the first set of B without resting.

1A: Rope Pushdowns 4 X 15 reps
1B: Cable curls 4 X 12 reps
2A: Cross-body hammer curls 3 X 10 reps
2B: Incline triceps extensions 3 X 12 reps
3A: D/B Pronated kickbacks 3 X 10 reps
3B: Incline D/B curls 3 X 8 reps

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