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High Intensity Arm Workout

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Volume training for arms

high intensity arm workout

High volume arm Workout to pump up your arms fast

Over the years there has been a lot of study done on the effectiveness of high volume compared to low volume and heavy weight training. All professional bodybuilders know very well that you cannot just gain muscle by doing heavy weights only you need volume as well.

Super-setting your arm workouts is an effective way to achieve high volume training where you can go past the point of failure very effectively. A good example would be a simple combination of doing something like and EZ bar curl super-set with triceps pushdowns.

Start off by selecting a weight where you can do 15 comfortable and strict reps with an EZ bar tensing as you curl upwards. You would then go immediately without any rest to triceps pushdowns and complete the warm-up of 15 reps as well and that is your first set.

After a good 90 second or 2 minute rest you are now ready to start training and then select a weight that you can only just complete 12 reps with an EZ bar. This is followed immediately by 12 reps doing pushdowns again and then a break as you add more weight for doing 8 reps on the next set.

The second last set would be 8 reps doing it in the same fashion. This is all leading up to the final and most important growing point of the volume workout where you are doing 6 reps and selecting a weight where you are reaching the point of failure.

A very good variation of this is to change the movements that you do on the second and third sets. For example after doing EZ bar curls and triceps pushdowns in your first set you would then do something like a close-grip bench-press and machine preacher curls.

Your final superset that you would then do using the same format as above would be something like seated dumbbell curls with machine dips. Again the weight selection when you get to this point in your workout is vitally important, as you never want to lose form when completing your last rep after you have reached failure.

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