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Wrist Size and Arm Size

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Does Wrist Size Determine Arm Size?

wrist size and arm size

Firstly it needs to be said that all bodybuilding competitions there is no tape measure used by the judges. That means that a smaller man like Mohamed Makkaway or Chris Dickerson who are both under 5'6" might look like they have 20 or 24 inch arms but it is all about proportion and symmetry when competing as a bodybuilder.

There was a German anatomist by the name of Julius Wolff (1836-1902) who has a well proven theory that is now called Wolff's law that states that any bone found in a healthy person or animal will automatically adapt to any loads under which it is placed on a regular basis.

The bottom line is that when you get stronger your bones will grow in order to accommodate the increase in the load. What this means is that over time as you slowly start to get stronger when lifting weights your wrists will grow in size. It needs to be said that the difference between your muscle growth and your bone growth is huge.

Scientists suggest that it is around 2% of bone growth, which will be seen over time compared to the 100% of muscle growth that you might get. This means that you need to be patient and just concentrate on training correctly and always getting just a little bit stronger with every workout.

The famous Steve Reeves who was competing as a bodybuilder over 50 years and said to have the perfect symmetry and proportion said that everybody has an ideal body measurement that they should try to achieve. His own measurements were nearly perfect with 18.5-inch arms, calves and neck that were later to be considered the benchmark for symmetry and proportion.

Steve created a height to weight chart that was specifically for building a classic bodybuilding physique, which you can see below.

Height Weight

5'5" 160lbs
5'6" 165lbs
5'7" 170lbs
5'8" 175lbs
5'9" 180lbs
5'10" 185lbs
5'11" 190lbs
6'0" 200lbs
6'1" 210lbs
6'2" 220lbs
6'3" 230lbs
6'4" 240lbs
6'5" 250lbs

If you are concerned about your wrist size and the ideal size that your arms should be then look at the chart below which also indicates the muscle to bone ratios for a perfectly proportioned physique.

Arm size = 252% of Wrist size
Calf size = 192% of Ankle size
Neck Size = 79% of Head size
Chest Size = 148% of Pelvis size
Waist size = 86% of Pelvis size
Thigh size = 175% of Knee size

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